At present, NE Central is home to a wondrous of variety of restaurants and businesses, representing cultures including East African, Mexican, South American, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and American. Some are upscale and chef-driven, others simply serve food authentic to the home country of the owner. For better or worse, the neighborhood is in the process of a transformation that might be characterized by the overused term “gentrification”.

For a year or so, I mulled over a plan to eat my way up the street in a systematic fashion, visiting a non-chain restaurant each week for lunch. One day, having received advice to write a blog, I decided that a noshing adventure up Central NE is a blog-worthy endeavor. The visits are generally done solo for the sake of better observation. I eat, eavesdrop, attempt to engage with staff, then hang around and write for as long as it feels comfortable to do so. Since I am far from a restaurant critic, the focus will be less on the food (while it will be described fairly), and more on the place itself–clientele, decor, and the overall “feel” of the place.

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