Seeking Joy


What brings you joy?

Along with visual art, literature, forests, and good homemade food, music elevates my soul. Goal? Spend more time with each of these.

My favorite venue for live music is First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, where I especially enjoy shows at the Entry, a smaller room featuring up and coming or niche performers. My main source for learning about new music is the Current, 89.3 FM. While their playlist sometimes makes my head hurt, I often discover stuff that I want to hear again. To listen off-radio, I subscribe to Amazon Music and have a bluetooth speaker for at home, and a bluetooth equipped car for on-the-road listening.

Those of us who have been walking the planet for a few decades can get rutted within our music tastes. Yes, I have virtually everything the Beatles ever recorded, along with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Stevie Rae Vaughn, Elvis Costello, Johnny Rivers, Chuck Berry–you get the drift. But I truly think that exposing oneself to new music, as well as visual arts and literature keeps us creative, open, and fresh.

Nothing against those who are into country, classical, or other genres not represented here. This my playlist du jour presented in no particular order:

Lebanon, J.S. Ondara

He Venido, Los Zafiros

Catfish Kate, Pixies

Heads Gonna Roll, Jenny Lewis

Pumpkin, The Regrettes

Pearl Cadillac, Gary Clark, Jr.

Spanish Stroll, Mink DeVille

Boys in the Better Land, Fontaines D.C.

Chevrolet Van, The Nude Party

Rockaway Beach, The Ramones

Revolution Rock n Roll, Low Cut Connie

This Life, Vampire Weekend

I’ll Be Back Someday, Tegan and Sara

Please Don’t Call Me Crazy, The Cactus Blossoms

Gloria, The Lumineers

Nina Cried Power, Hozier with Mavis Staples

Where We Go, Chris Koza

Shockwave, Liam Gallagher

Leyla, Jah Khalib

Sister Buddha, Belle and Sebastian


What are you listening to these days?